Dr Rosemarie Kentie

Research Interests

Organisms have always had to cope with changes in their environment. In this era of global climate change and large scale human induced habitat degradation, the pressure to respond adequately is stronger than ever. If animals are incapable of responding to environmental change, declines in numbers, and possibly extinctions, are inevitable. In my research, in the group of Prof Tim Coulson, I combine ecology and evolution to understand adaptations to rapid environmental change in the wild, and its effect on population dynamics.

Selected Publications

Kentie, R., Coulson, T., Hooijmeijer, J.C.E.W., Howison, R.A., Loonstra, A.H.J., Verhoeven, M.A., Both, C. & Piersman, T. Warming springs and habitat alteration interact to impact timing of breeding and population dynamics in a migratory bird. Global Change Biology (2018).

Howison, R.A., Piersma, T., Kentie, R., Hooijmeijer, J.C.E.W. & Olff, H. Quantifying landscape-level land use intensity patterns through novel radar-based remote sensing. Journal of Applied Ecology (2018), 55, 1276-1287

Kentie, R., Marquez-Ferrando, R., Figuerola, J., Gangoso, L., Hooijmeijer, J.C.E.W., Loonstra, A.H.J., Robin, F., Sarasa, M., Senner, N., Valkema, H., Verhoeven, M.A. & Piersma, T. Does wintering north or south of the Sahara correlate with timing and breeding performance in black-tailed godwits? Ecology and Evolution (2017), 7, 2812-2820

Kentie, R., Hooijmeijer, J.C.E.W., Verhoeven, M.A., Senner, N.R. & Piersma, T. Estimating breeding population size during spring staging: total numbers and the size of the Dutch population of Continental Black-tailed Godwits in 2007-2015. Ardea (2016), 104, 213-225

Kentie, R., Both, C., Hooijmeijer, J.C.E.W. & Piersma, T. Management of modern agricultural landscapes increases nest predation rates in black-tailed godwits (Limosa limosa limosa). Ibis (2015), 157, 614-625

Kentie, R., Both, C., Hooijmeijer, J.C.E.W. & Piersma, T. Age-dependent dispersal and habitat choice in black-tailed godwits (Limosa l. limosa) across a mosaic of traditional and modern grassland habitats. Journal of Avian Biology (2014), 45, 396-405

Kentie, R., Hooijmeijer, J.C.E.W., Trimbos, K.B., Groen, N.M. & Piersma, T. Intensified agricultural use of grasslands reduces growth and survival of precocial shorebird chicks. Journal of Applied Ecology (2013), 50, 243-251