Dr Shelly Lachish

Research Interests

I am an ecologist with research interests in wildlife disease ecology, population dynamics, demography, behavioural and evolutionary ecology and conservation biology. After completing my PhD in 2010 I worked as a post-doctoral researcher for two years before leaving the academic realm to work in science editing and health services. This fellowship marks my return to academia. Much of my past research focused on investigating the individual and population level effects of epidemic and endemic diseases on the fitness and behaviour of wild hosts.

The focus of my current work is to examine the consequences of wildlife diseases at a broader scale: on communities of species within ecosystems. I am interested in understanding how disease outbreaks within predator populations mediate impacts and interactions at lower trophic levels. I will use existing long-term data from Yellowstone National Park to build models to explore the role of disease in mediating trophic cascades and structuring communities.

Selected Publications

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