Marc Brouard

Research Interests

Marc has previously worked on large datasets for Commercial Companies and Government before moving to Ecological Research. Recent research has been on population dynamics of Woodland Rodents, looking at differences between populations of the same species and interactions between species.

Currently Marc is working on creating a combined data repository for the Wytham Estate. This will cover all organisations that have worked in Wytham over the last 75 years. Additional work includes the Global Ecosystem Monitoring network (GEM) and the Trinidad Guppy Database.

Selected Publications

Brouard, M. J., Coulson, T., Newman, C., Macdonald, D. W., and Buesching, C. D. (2015). Analysis on population level reveals trappability of wild rodents is determined by previous trap occupant. PloS one, 10(12):e0145006.