The Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics Lab group's (e2d) research focuses on unifying ecological and evolutionary theory to allow improved predictions on how environmental change will impact natural systems. The theory we have developed allows the dynamics of genes, phenotypes, populations, communities and ecosystems to be simultaneously projected into the future. We apply the theory we develop using data we collect, or help collect, to make predictions of the impacts of environmental change on ecosystems as diverse as the woodlands of Wytham, the freshwater streams of Trinidad, the savannahs of East Africa, and the diverse landscapes of Yellowstone National Park.

Those interested in bringing a fellowship, or conducting their graduate studies within the group should get in touch with Tim Coulson. Requests to work in the group should outline the questions that would be asked during the project.   

Postdoctoral Vacancies

No current vacancies.

DPhil (PhD)

If you are interested in working in the group please get in contact describing:

  • the questions you plan to address
  • the study system you plan to use and
  • the funding bodies most likely to support your proposed work

How to apply and funding streams click here https://www.zoo.ox.ac.uk/graduate-study