We have collaborated, and continue to collaborate, with many excellent scientists from around the world. Currently we have active collaborations with: Sonya Clegg (University of Oxford, silvereyes), Marc Brouard (University of Oxford, small mammals), Sarah Knowles (Royal Vet College, small mammals), David Reznick (University of California Riverside, guppies), Jean-Michel Gaillard (University of Lyon, theory), Shripad Tuljapurkar (Stanford University, theory), Mark Boyce (University of Alberta, predator-prey interactions),  Evelyn Merrill (University of Alberta, predator-prey interactions), Bruce Kendall (University of California, theory), Ron Bassar (Williams College, guppies),  Joe Travis (Florida State University, guppies), Dylan Childs (University of Sheffield, guppies), Mark Rees (University of Sheffield, guppies), Andres Lopez-Sepulcre (Sorbonne Université‍,‍‍ guppies), Dan MacNulty (Utah State University, wolves), Doug Smith (Yellowstone, wolves), Andrew Dobson (Princeton University, wolves),  Dan Stahler (Yellowstone, wolves),  Megan Craft (University of Minnesota, wolves), Pete Hudson (Penn State University, wolves), Craig Packer (University of Minnesota, lions). Joe Travis (Florida State University), Mike Furlong (The University of Queensland, Australia).